Scheduled Maintenance Notice

2017-05-11 04:33:42

Dear Adventurers,

We will be performing a server update from May 11, 22:30 to May 12, 01:00. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you all for your continued support!


The update is as follows:


New Feature - [Budokai]

Warriors, have you ever wondered if there were other heroes as powerful as you in the game? Have you ever wanted to challenge a strong opponent? Now, you have the chance!

In order to find out who is the strongest, we are going to hold a Budokai.

Registration time: May 12, 09:00 - May 15, 19:00, 2017

The players who pass the preliminaries and get into the knock-out matches will be rewarded. The winner will receive the unique warrior image: Dragon Lord!

The winner’s name will be listed in the Hall of Fame and respected by all players.

Do you want to prove yourself? Do you want to become famous? Join the Budokai!