Maintenance Note

2017-02-13 04:17:07

Dear Adventurers,

We will be performing a server update on February 13 from 17:30 to 21:00. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you all for your continued support! The update is as follows:


[Added a Valentine's Day Event]

Duration: February 12, 21:00 - February 17, 09:59


Event Details:

Valentine's Day is coming! Do you feel the romance in the air in-game? Even heroes in the Book of Saga are linked by red thread.


During the event, if a male and a female hero appear in the Book of Saga or Book of Occult, you will receive 1 heart.

Send gifts 10 times every day to get 3-7 hearts.

After you’ve collected a certain number of hearts and own the heroes listed on the left, you can summon these hero couples. Plus, the original heroes won’t disappear!


[Gate of Occult]

Duration: February 14, 11:00 --- February 15, 23:59


Gate of Time can be found in the [Privilege Hero] tab.


Maintenance Pack

1 bar of Ether Choc

2 Detonators

2 Divine Miner's Kits