Sever Maintenance

2016-12-22 04:43:42

Dear adventurer, the server will undergo a maintenance on Dec.22, from 17:30-21:00. Below are the details. Thank you for your support.


New Heroes

Reindeer Z

Juggler Z

Santa Claus Z

Santa EX


[New Joint Skills]

Joint Skill·Enjoy Christmas Holiday

Effect: With every holiday envoy in the battlefield, Initiative level +1, Defense level +1, Dodge level +1. All of the 3 levels can reach +9 at most.


Condition: Santa Claus Z, Reindeer Z, Juggler Z are on the battlefield at the same time.


[New Christmas Special Event]


1. How to get Ice Crystals

1. During the event, dig any ores may get Ice Crystals.

2. Use detonator to blast the Amethyst ore to get Ice Crystals.

3. Buy Ice Crystal Pack in the shop.


2.How to get Mistletoes


[Gather Christmas trio to send holiday gifts]

The 3 heroes below will appear during the Christmas holiday.

Joint Skill Name: Merry Christmas 2016

Condition: Santa Claus Z, Reindeer Z, Juggler Z are on the battlefield at the same time.

Effect: This skill may be released in battle. If skill is released when your friend challenges you, both of you will receive 20 Mistletoes.


When someone has collected the Christmas trio, a special mistletoe symbol will appear at the friend interface.

If you challenge this player and let the player trigger the joint skill “Merry Christmas 2016”, you will receive 20 mistletoes!!!


3.How to get new heroes

1. During the Christmas holiday, you can use red diamonds to recruit the new Christmas hero—— Reindeer Z, Santa Claus Z


2. Go to the black market and trade to get ——Juggler Z, Santa Claus Z


3. Buy Ice Crystal Pack in the shop for a chance to get Juggler Z.


[Collect Mistletoes, Summon Flash Gold Santa Claus!]

Collect Santa Claus Z, and use 2400 Mistletoes to redeem Flash Gold Santa Claus EX and 800 bonus red diamonds!!!


[Maintenance Pack]

Divine Miner’s Kit×2

Mithril Key×1

Troll Statue×1