Joint Battle Arrives

2015-08-31 02:03:26

All servers are going to undergo a maintenance at 00:00 AM (UTC-5) on September 1st, 2015 for approximately 1 hours. Please log off 10 minutes before the maintenance starts in case of any data lose. Thank you!


[New Joint Battle]

Mana Clash

In this joint battle, with every Fighter, Berserker or Crusader joins a team, combat power + 35,000, Defense level +10, Monarch level +5.

Pixel Hero-Play 24 Hours!

Pixel Hero-Play 24 Hours!


[The Gate of Occult]

September 1, 00:00- September 2, 23:59

Joint battle! Time limited Occult sale is open. If you recruit 10 heroes above blue quality at a time, the chance for Fighters, Berserkers and Crusaders are 4 times higher! You may also get Flash Gold heroes such as Deific Guan Yu, Deific Zhang Fei and Captain Liwell!

Pixel Hero-Play 24 Hours!

Pixel Hero Operation Team

August 31st, 2015