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2015-04-20 02:05:05

When Hurumi Tokasaki meets Hazama Mirai in Pixel Hero, a space scuffle starts.


What will happen when cold-blooded Hurumi Tokasaki meets warm-hearted Hazama Mirai? Pixel Hero presents you with a never before seen scuffle from a wide range of famous anime characters. You might be surprised when see your favorite characters in our latest classic.


[Multiple Anime Character Combinations and Exciting Scuffles!]

Hurumi Tokasaki, a cute and violent female character from a popular novel series, can also be recruited as your hero. If I am bound to be killed, let me die in her arms!

Pixel Hero-Pixel MMORPG GAME

A variety of anime characters will be at your service!


Joining Hurumi Tokasaki and Hazama Mirai will be heroes like Captain Liwell, Yarozuya members, and other famous anime characters. They will fight enemies for you and help you level up in the game.


[Hero Combination and Collaboration Skills]

Players cannot encounter characters by chance. To obtain them, players have to meet certain conditions. Create a lineup of two or more particular characters to trigger unique collaboration skills. For example, when Ranmu and Tenda Akanki (quarrelsome lovers) are both in a lineup, the skill, Tacit Guard will be triggered.

Pixel Hero-Pixel MMORPG GAME

Release collaboration skills to beat the most powerful enemies!


The game also includes real-life celebrities, such as Putin and Fatty Kim. When Fatty Kim, Opama and Putin are all on the battlefield at the same time, the collaboration skill, World War will be triggered.


Let Putin and Fatty Kim join you!


Pixel Hero combines the virtual and real, creating an unrestrained world to explore. Find your favorite characters and form your own all-star lineup. Just relax and enjoy the humor and adventure awaiting you in Pixel Hero.


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