Adventure Stages

2015-03-30 01:47:10

The adventure stages are probably the easiest in the history of gaming. Nearly all of the adventures are free from battles. As long as you have enough Repletion Points, you have an endless supply of EXP and Gold regardless of the situations that you walk away or log off from.


Unlike other games, the stage system adopts an auto-battle method. You can pass stages and receive EXP and Gold Coins automatically, provided that you do not run out of Repletion Points.

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There are 180 stages in the game, most of which are divided into 3 nodes. The exploration progress will increase when players are in auto-battle. Once the progress is complete, a node will be activated and an event will be triggered: a monster appears, your combat power increases or you have to hand over an item, etc. As long as you meet the requirement, you can clear the stage. Plus, players can receive chests, extra EXP, money, items and sundries as the progress proceeds.

Pixel Hero-Play 24 Hours!

Each stage has entry requirements, such as battle number restriction or CP requirements. If players can follow the main story line, you can pass them without difficulty.

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